Sunday, June 30, 2024

What next in Felltower?

Our next game in Felltower will be a month-ish from now. The PCs are enjoying the spoils of their trip to Olympus.

I took a bunch of orders for special order armor - 1d+1 weeks and then enchantment time - on the day after. Lots of nice stuff was purchased.

Of course, they're already finding out that big scores divided six ways mean that your dream armor and dream weapons are still a little bit out of reach. So it goes.

It always seems hardest on the knights, but let's face facts, here - knights also want magical epic plate over magical mail on all locations so they can have DR 12+, more like 14+ with Armor Mastery and at least a little Fortify. And that's costly given my house rules requiring a cost-positive non-size prefix. It's a gear-intensive template, but that gear helps make it what it is.


With a gate down, I'm curious what's next for the Felltower crew. Will it be another gate? I suspect not, not yet.

So it's probably delving deeper. They're as-yet unwilling to face the cave-dwelling stone bull and chimera from outside, and unwilling as-yet to go through the crushrooms first to attack from inside the cave. They're likely to be too fragile for the city at the bottom of the stairs, given that it gets more dangerous as it gets deeper and even 2-3 levels above that is a little tough on them.

I see a lot to do from my side of the screen, but as always, nothing that comes with low-risk and high-reward. It's all medium to high risk and uncertain award.

I think we'll have 2-4 delves of regular megadungeoneering before another gate. I could be wrong . . . but we'll see when we're back on schedule in a few weeks.


  1. I've been curious, so when your crew (or just a single or couple of PCs) has a long gap between delves, how do you handle the weekly "cost of living in town" expense? Or are they only charged that for the "one week" and are presumed to be getting mediocre employment, or "going home" during long breaks or downtimes?

    1. One week's cost of living per downtime. The assumption is they work in between and just cover living costs via employment.


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