Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Magic Items pricing in Felltower post-DFRPG

Readers might note that with armor, I'm not giving "best of both worlds" as an option. I'm giving a choice of systems for the entire game.

Similarly, with magic items and spells, we're picking one or the other. But this is a situation where we are basically taking the better of the options available from a PC perspective. If a spell modified in Spells is better than the one in Magic, or is better than the ones we use as house rules, we'll use the one in Spells. Where our house rules are better, we'll use them. And where existing items are available that are not available in Magic Items, they'll stay available.

Magic Items - Most permanent magic items aren't available. Enchantments listed in Adventurers are available, except for Penetrating Weapon. Deflect is available for shields, but not for armor. Prices are as listed there, but still require a cost-positive non-size prefix for weapons and armor.

Spell Stone pricing remains the same. These aren't available in DFRPG, and pricing will use the existing ranges despite the otherwise full switchover to $20/point.

Potions are generally available subject to our usual rules, including most of those in Magic Items. Fountains, bottled explosions, etc. are not available yet.

Scrolls are available subject to our usual rules, prices as per Magic Items.

Speaking of prices in town:
Healing will use the prices in the DFRPG, instead of our current, existing list. Please note that partially-funded Resurrection is possible with this approach.

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