Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Random Notes 9/24

Just some random notes.

Writing - I'm working on something that involves things I created for my own DF game and have been testing in play. Taking your house rules for a game and turning them into a supplement has some old roots, doesn't it?

We'll see how and when it gets published.

Painting - The September Slump is upon us! When we get that first cold snap, I find my painting drops off a lot. So it went this year too - I just suddenly stop painting. I have minis 80-90% complete just looking at me here, and they aren't getting done. I'll get back into it.

Stocking My Dungeon - We're gaming Sunday, so I better go onto this. But I haven't, I've been distracted. Lucky I pre-restocked a lot of my dungeon. Still there are sections I've tossed some notes down on but didn't work out the details for, and I need to get to them.

Contrary Indicator Reviews - I've realized that all the dungeons I liked in Dungeon magazine are the ones the reviewer over at tenfootpole disliked. Well, not all of them, but it's surprising how many get ripped as bad but were ones I used very successfully in play. One he didn't like in issue #1 I even blogged about, and someone who played it remembered it and which character went through it. I just goes to show that Actual Play can vary from what it looks like something will be like on paper, and how different people have different wants and needs from adventure supplements.

Okay, back to writing.

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