Sunday, September 8, 2013

Random Notes 9/8

Day off today, with nothing particular to do.

So, besides non-gaming things (shopping, cooking, Japanese study, exercise, etc.) I got some gaming stuff done, too.

- I painted some more figures today. 90% finished some demon-things I've had for a while, put final touches on a knight, spot-sealed some golems and monsters (including some D&D pre-paints I re-painted), and started on some other minis. Took care of two monsters, too - Bones figures.

I also knocked off a Chainmail skeletal something-or-other I had white primed and blackwashed, all in a single shot. He was another "I'll paint this while the guy I want to paint is drying" one, and he turned out to be very easy. And I did some touch work on a giant I've been painting for a while (well-duh spoiler alert for my gamers - there are giants in my fantasy world.)

- Statted up one monster, fixed stats on two others, and started preliminary notes on a stats for a figure I have and painted.

- Did some thinking about my megadungeon and outside connections to it, and put rumors to the appropriate effect on my rumors list.

- noodled around on the SJG Forums for a bit, reading Doug Cole's comments on people's questions about his new book. Welcome to "you did it all wrong!" and "Hey, what about this obvious thing you forgot and no one mentioned until just now?" Doug!

- Watched Doug's interview with Sean Punch. Why haven't I done such a thing? Because Sean and I have been friends for like almost 20 years now. Do you really think we stay on topic for an hour? I sure don't!

Key takeaway from that interview: the goal of GURPS isn't realism, it's believability. Works for me.

Okay, so maybe today was pretty productive after all . . .

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  1. Two things:

    1) The really hard part about the comments about TG are that it's probably been, what, a year (?) since I actually really mucked with the manuscript. I didn't really have a gaming group to test it on, so a lot of the stuff that is coming up - even the basic stuff - takes me a couple iterations of "what the hell was I thinking?"

    Does that make me a bad man? Maybe, maybe. The recent back-and-forth on Pickups was a case in point. I was really sweating it until I realized, belatedly, that a Pickup always follow a GRAPPLE. That inflicts CP and lowers the ST and DX (what pickups are resisted by) of the foe. So ST DOES matter, just not quite right out in the open. Then Rory jumps in with "hey, isn't this all made irrelevant by the one-liner in the Basic Set about lifting in combat at less than 1x your Basic Lift?" Yes, yes it is.

    2) Actually, the hard part about the interview was for me to SHUT UP. Interviews aren't dialog. They're monolog. I might one day go back and add my thoughts about what Sean said in a follow-up post (hey! content!), but no fan wants to hear me talk about GURPS much.


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