Sunday, February 23, 2014

DF Felltower NPC: Barefoot George

No game this week, so it's another Felltower NPC this Sunday.

Barefoot George was a volunteer hireling who died in the great hireling massacre. He was (unknown to the players) based on a 125-point Killer template from DF15. He wasn't a sneaky assassin type so much as a pirate, and Killer had the right mix of skills and stats for him. Too bad he didn't take Luck.

For more pre-made henchmen from my game, check the DF Henchmen page.

Barefoot George

George is an ex-farmer turned bandit turned river pirate turned pirate turned adventurer. He's money-hungry but loyal to his "crewmates." He's got no concept of proper risk level.

He's the kind of guy who'll back you to the hilt during a "cruise" but then knife you in the alley the next week because he's not your buddy anymore. And then sign back up with you a week later if you survive.

ST 12 HP 12 Speed 6.00
DX 14 Will 11 Move 6
IQ 10 Per 11
HT 12 FP 12
Dodge 8 Parry (Shortsword) 10 Parry (Knife) 10

Shortsword (15): 1d+2 cutting or 1d impaling; Reach 1.
Large Knife (16): 1d cutting Reach C,1; or 1d-1 impaling; Reach C.

Traits: Ambidexterity; Code of Honor (Pirate's); Greed (9); Overconfidence (6); Social Stigma (Criminal).

Quirks: Shoes are for landlubbers!

Skills: Brawling-14; Climbing-15; Fast-Draw (Knife)-14; Knife-16; Poisons-9; Seamanship-12; Shortsword-15; Stealth-15; Streetwise-10; Thrown Weapon (Knife)-16; Urban Survival-11; Wrestling-14.

Gear: Clothing; Large Knife; Shortsword; Heavy Leather torso (DR 2); Personal Basics; Pouch; Sack.

Notes: Doesn't quite balance out at 125 due to overtopping the disad limit. Often dual-weapon attacks for an 11 (shortsword) and 12 (knife). He lacks Garrote skill, as well, because it didn't fit his slightly different archetype.

George's mini (picture soon) is a barefoot pirate mini, either Foundry or Eureka - I think it's Eureka.

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