Sunday, February 9, 2014

Useful GURPS Resource - Fillable Monster Cards

John Morrison posted these over on Google+. But for people who read this and not that, here is a link to his set of fillable PDF monster cards.

I don't use these yet, because I've long gotten used to using scratch paper and document files written up in the SJG official writing format. But they're very cool, and for people who prefer a better organizational method than mine it's a good tool.

Playing Card Sized

Index Card Sized


  1. ok, now THAT is pretty sweet, simple and clever.
    Think I'm gonna use that idea for D&D and keep a stack handy during play :)

    ...hmmm...might even make players draw for what's in the random encounters themselves if I decide to run a bit sillier game..

    ..."The Tower of Dead Heroes Wishes", where encounters appear magically as doors are opened! :)

    1. DrivethruRPG has D20 and Pathfinder Initiative Cards.


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