Sunday, February 16, 2014

DF Felltower NPC: Larry the Crossbowman

No game this week, so it's another Felltower NPC this Sunday.

Larry the Crossbowman is based on 62 points and the extremely flexible Guard template from Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen.
However, Larry is old and hurt, and doesn't even reach the dizzying heights implied by 62 points.

For more pre-made henchmen from my game, check the DF Henchmen page.

Larry the Crossbowman

Larry is a professional heavy crossbowman. Better make that "extremely heavy crossbowman."
Larry is an old vet. He lost his best aimin' eye way back when he fought in a Cashamashian mercenary company serving in the Molotovian Troll Wars, but he's more-or-less figured out a way around that problem - he works for tips!

If he ever hits anything, it's going to die. Hasn't happened in Felltower, yet.

ST 12 HP 9 Speed 5.25
DX 11 Will 10 Move 4
IQ 10 Per 10
HT 10 FP 10
Dodge 8 Parry (Broadsword) 9

Crossbow (ST 36!) (12): 4d+3 imp or 4d+3(2) pi, Acc 4;
Light Club (12): 1d+2 crushing, Reach 1.
Small Knife (11): 2d-3 cutting Reach C,1; or 1d impale; Reach C.

Traits: One Eye; Reduced HP -3 (included above); Overconfidence (6); Weapon Bond (Crossbow).

Skills: Armoury (Missile Weapons, spec. Crossbows)-11; Brawling-12; Climbing-10; Crossbow-14; Knife-11; Stealth-10; Wrestling-11.

Gear: Boots (Feet DR 2); Clothing; Crossbow w/x3 cranequin (21 lbs) and rest; Nice Hat (with steel lining, DR 4); Hip Quiver w/35 normal and 15 armor-piercing bolts; Light Leather arms, torso, legs (DR 1); Personal Basics; Pouch.

Notes: One-Eye gives -1 to his melee weapon skills, -3 to missile weapon skills; included above. Aims first as much as he can for up to +6 to hit (Acc 4, up to +2 more for aiming); using the rest (Ready action) gives a further +1 for bracing. He can't use a sight because he's right handed and missing his right eye. Takes 72 seconds to crank his crossbow, plus 2 seconds to ready the bolt and load it, for one shot every 1:15!

His mini, which I'll add a picture of soonish, is a GW plastic peasant with a one-eyed head glued on, because a guy aiming with his eyepatch is amusing. I also use some variant rules for crossbow cost and weight by rated strength, makes his crossbow $600/12 lbs instead of 150/6.


  1. Care to share those variant crossbow rules?

    1. I will post them tomorrow, when I fine the writeup.

    2. Beat me to it, Jason, that was going to be my question too. I will have to look up the cranequin bit too, I only saw the part with the goat's hoof (foot?) letting you draw up to Str+4. Seems like with a cranequin you can go much, much higher.

      Would love to see Larry show up sometime. Maybe he'll be able to get a shot off!

    3. A cranequin will let you load a crossbow up to 3x your strength, depending on the strength of the cranequin. So Larry has one of maximal strength.

    4. Ha, this guy.

      I think he's accompanied us twice? Which means he's attacked maybe four times, missed every time. Almost hit Raggi once, IIRC.

    5. That's him! You're kind of lucky he missed actually.

  2. I find this very amusing. Thank you.

  3. What about cross eye dominant shooting?

    Here's a link to an article about it.

    Just playing a bit of devil's advocate.


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