Friday, July 1, 2016

A month of GURPS DFM 3 and a bonus monster mod

The monthly report for my GURPS books sales came out today.

My most recent book came out back on June 2nd, so I've had almost a solid month of sales.

How did it do?

Not bad.

192 books sold.

That's not enough to justify a DFM4, not by a number of sales. But it's a good number of sales overall for a GURPS PDF in a sub-line of books in its first month. That out-sold Barbarians by 20%, so hopefully it keeps up a good pace and keeps selling.

Bonus Content

But I can't just talk about the book. Well, obviously I can, but it's more fun if I add something for people who have it. Here is a pair of manticore variants for you.

Noble Manticore: Some rare manticores are friendly and noble in character but also serious and humorless. IQ becomes 10; Will becomes 12. Remove Intolerance, Odious Racial Habit, and Sadism. Add No Sense of Humor.

Wise Manticore: Some manticores are sagacious and knowledgeable. They aren't necessarily less ferocious, however. Many love puzzles and riddles, and may be mistaken for sphinxes. This is a potentially fatal mistake if the manticore isn't also Noble (see above). IQ becomes 15; Will becomes 18. Add Area Knowledge-15 and Hidden Lore (one of Demons, Faerie, or Elementals)-14.

Note that Wise Manticore is incompatible with Bestial Manticore.


  1. What would be an amount that would justify more books?

    1. I'm actually not sure. But I know it's at least a multiple of 192. :)

    2. Ugh, I'm guessing a few more as well. I just looked at my spreadsheet of sales from the old e23, and only DF14 sold less in the first month. Which is sad since this supplement is much more essential.

    3. I wonder if there are so many AtE campaigns going that people are less inclined to buy DF supplements these days. Hope not, DFM3 was great. I suppose that most people who were in need of manticores made their own stats before the Guilds book was even released.

  2. Oh, bother. I wonder if SJG should stop with the numbers in the DF lines. They imply that you need to buy DF 1-21 before DF22.

    1. Well, obviously everyone needs to buy DF12 and DF15 before they buy 13-14 and then 15+. Or even before they buy DF2, just to be on the safe side. ;)


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