Sunday, July 3, 2016

Preview of tomorrow's session summary

We played DF Felltower today, and had a good session cleanup up the half-finished delve from last time. It'll take a while to type it up, so I'll just have to tease the session summary tonight:

- the PCs had a long (about 4 hour real world time?) brawl with the Crazies. It was a lot bloodier than they thought, as the crazies were dangerous and hard to overwhelm. But it ended. Four hours might sound long, but it wasn't a drag and we kept the pace up. It's just complex when there are a lot of combatants and a lot of things going on. And it was fun.

- the PCs did some ghost-busting with Affects Spirits.

- at least one PC picked up a new quirk or two.

- Mo put the moves in on a friendly female ghost.

- Big John was spoken to, and it wasn't a euphemism for killing him.

- the PCs stashed a boat.

- and some loot was looted.

Good session overall.

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