Saturday, July 2, 2016

Prep for game tomorrow

Tomorrow we're playing our last DF session for a month or so, thanks to scheduling (vacations, mine and others). We're picking up mid-stream, so this simplifies a bit:

- no need to do rumors.

- no hirelings to stat up.

- no worries on spent points or spending time gearing up.

That said, I need to review last session's writeup, assemble my minis, and make sure I'm ready to go right away with the crazies, the combat area, and their head asplode boss. I'm not going to run that on the tabletop - too messy to construct the battlefield - but I need to have my spreadsheets of bad guys ready to go.

That's one lesson I learned - put roomfulls of foes into a spreadsheet. Then I can mark injury one by one, cross out the dead, quick-reference weapons, move reinforcements in from close spots (since I mark who is where on the spreadsheet, too). I can have the benefits of a detailed system and the benefits of clean organization speeding it along.

After the crazies are wiped out - I'm sure they will be, the PCs are tough - it's additional exploration. I think they have the ghosts and "talk to" the troll on the flooded prison sub-level on their check list. Which probably means kill, for both - so I need to review those areas, as well.

And I've got a box full of orcs for just in case they decide the agreement with the orcs is over based on their look.

Fun stuff, tomorrow.


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