Monday, October 17, 2016

D&D in Prison, and GURPS

One of my gamers forwarded this to me - an article by a journalist/whistleblower, playing D&D from memory in prison.

I Am Fully Capable of Entertaining Myself in Prison for Decades If Need Be

See, I ran game for delinquents, but I didn't really go all the way with that concept.

Amusingly he played GURPS when he was not in prison, and ran into a fairly typical issue I hear about in web discussions of the game - knowing where to stop.

"My problem, as usual, was knowing where to stop. GURPS included rules for RPG staples like magic and psionic powers." and naturally, the logical end point: "And too many comparably awesome ideas were presenting themselves to me each day, such that I never was really able to decide whether to start designing my increasingly elaborate Nixon game or instead do something simpler where Teddy Roosevelt is hunting you for sport."

Yeah, lots of people apparently get paralysis from too much possibility with GURPS.


  1. Which is why I prefer to start with a simple core premise (Fallout, Noir C-Punk Detective Story, Fantasy Gamma World, etc) and stick with it.

    But I do dream about running a very complex, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink Conspiracy X/Suppressed Transmissions/Madness Dossier game...

  2. I would totally play "Teddy: The Most Dangerous Game".

    1. GM: "You hear someone yell, "Bully!" and then the shattering crash of a double-barrelled elephant gun."
      PCs: "Uh-oh, TR spotted us. Run!"


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