Saturday, October 22, 2016

Drilling out Slimer

So I have this "Slimy Ghost" one of my players purchased for me:

I'm actually working on him, and he should be a very easy paintjob - especially since my Will-o-Wisp glow-in-the-dark coating paint works so well.

The problem is, he has no space for a base - no slot, hole, or gap.

I'm not sure how the heck he's supposed to do anything except get painted and then sit there on the table rolled on his side because he can't balance anything like you'd hope.

I've been working on drilling a hole but it's tough. I have a pin drill, but I'm thinking I might need to get out the electric drill and put a real hole in him. I have a clear "flying" base to match . . .

Anyone try using a standard (in other words, low-voltage) electric drill to base-mount minis? I'd love to know this will work before I, I don't know, burn out my drill or trash a mini.


  1. I have this mini. I just started with a small bit in the pin vise and went as deep as I could the increased the bit size and re-drilled. I used brass rod in stead of plastic. The mini is so heavy, I don't think plastic would be strong enough to support his weight.

    1. Thanks Doomsdave, that helps a lot. I can probably just drill and re-drill.

      The plastic base will work, I'm sure of it - it's a spare from a significantly heavier mini. But I'll keep the brass rod idea for when I run out of plastic bases or need an opaque one.

    2. Yes. Do a pilot hole first.

    3. That's what I ended up doing, sort of.

      - two pilot holes next to each other

      - larger bit and just work it into point between the holes to collapse it and remove it

      - use a small screwdriver to widen the hole a little bit

      - fit the base in.

      That worked, but it was a lot of drilling.

  2. Dremel. It's worked for me; you still have to be careful and use a vise, but it can be done.

    1. Yeah, one thing I don't have is a Dremel. I used to use them at this job I worked at. Great tool, terrible job. If I had a legitimate use for one more than once a year at best, I'd get one.

    2. I find that if you have Dremel, uses for it suggest themselves.

      (Though, looking at some of the gadgets I have, I may be an overenthusiastic advocate of justifying buying tools on the strength of as-yet-unknown problems you'll solve with them.)

    3. I agree with Iron Llama. However, my dad felt the same way you do--he only needed one once in a he went to Harbor Freight and picked up a copy.


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