Wednesday, October 26, 2016


So I haven't really done a lot about orcs this Orctober.

Let me rectify that a bit with a picture of some of the "emergency orcs" carry with me for all sessions:

They are a mix of Reaper, TSR, and Copplestone (I think), plus a Reaper Bones guy on the right who keeps shedding bits of flock from his base.

I really like the spear- and polearm-armed guys, but sadly, thrust/impale is a pretty ineffective choice against the kind of heavy armor the PCs wear in my game. But still, it's cheap and useful as a weapon, and lots of orcs still carry them. I've upgraded a few guys to glaives and pollaxes just to make them more of a useful threat.


  1. They can target vitals and go for chinks in armour or eyes.

    Maybe give them a targeted attack with an extra two points in it.

    Kind of makes it an all or nothing on a critical success.

    1. They're not totally helpless, but a ST 13 orc with an axe penetrates DR 9 armor on average damage and rolls against skill-0. A ST 13 orc with a spear penetrates DR 9 never, and only penetrates Chinks in Armor on above-average damage, and rolls at skill-8. Face is better, and their usual target, but still - they accept a skill penalty for their weapon choice.

      So as much as I like them, I usually deploy more axe-, club-, sword-, and flail-armed orcs!

    2. Attacking through friendly or enemy hexes (-4 ouch) is another plus. Though other long range weapons can do that too. Depending on position could be sword guys in front and spear guys behind for double the attacks on a PC.

      Also attacking over a pit, flaming hex or barricade is a another niche bonus.

      Poor weapon choice is good for mooks anyway. Makes it easier for the PCs to paste 50 of them instead of five.


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