Sunday, November 27, 2016

Felltower session pre-summary

As always, writing a summary will have to wait - I work much earlier and much later on Mondays, so I'll get the writeup done tomorrow during a break.

But for now:

- the PCs dug their way into the collapsed bugbear tunnels and then into the dungeon.

- they found their way down to the second level.

- there was a brief-ish fight not far from the "orc hole."

- Mo discovered a trap the hard way.

- archers kept harassing the PCs with arrows.

- the orcs played hit-and-run while the PCs played "please ambush us!"

- Vryce scared some gargoyles

- the PCs played homewreckers on the surface.

All in all it was a useful session but a lot less destructive to the orcs than the PCs had hoped. Full summary tomorrow.

(And this is probably the last session until January - Christmas falling on a Sunday and a schedule game of Gamma Terra mean the next Felltower delve is likely in January 2017.)


  1. No more Fell tower until January? Ouch, withdrawal beckons

    1. Yeah, Christmas falling on a Sunday - same as gaming day - wipes out a lot of good gaming days weeks before and after. And we do want to get in one more Gamma Terra session this year . . .

  2. Hopefully tshiggins' Facets campaign updates frequently... or I might not make it.


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