Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Painting Table results

I had some time where I couldn't write but I could get some painting done. Translation: Watching one hockey game while listening to another. I had writing to do but that's too difficult in those circumstances so I painted instead.

Most of what I did was base-coat Bones minis with something paint will actually stick to. But I did finish and seal a few minis.

These are:

 photo Five Minis for November 11-9-2016_zpsruabfte4.jpg

. . . a Casting Room adventurer, Eureka pirate (needs some basing enhancements), Casting Room adventurer (love the domino mask!), Reaper pirate, Grenadier adventurer with sword.

That Grenadier piece is really old - she's a trade from Jay S. back in Junior High, and I finally got her painted. The sword is notched from age, but it looks cool, like she's just finished notching it badly against a golem or something, and is backing off to pull her backup knife.

The Eureka pirate came with no left hand, and a variety of things to attach. I went with a hook.

I also did a demon, some goblins, a god (from a Planescape box, who'll see service as a not-god), and two more shambling mound minis, because I was running low.


  1. can't have enough shambling mounds.

    1. Indeed. "Enough shambling mounds" isn't even a concept, "Not enough shambling mounds," however, is an essential truth of GMing. And mini collecting.


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