Sunday, November 27, 2016

Felltower preview: Against the Orcs, part II?

We've got another session of Felltower today. As far as I can tell, the plan is the same as last week: kill orcs.

The particulars aren't understood by me yet. I think they mean to:

- go in a different way (possibly the bugbear hole, although that's a tough way to travel);

- plan a different way out;

- possibly attempt to assault "the orc hole" or just attack orcs and then attract patrols, etc. to them and defeat them in a straight-up fight.

- Get rich!*

I know Mo, at least, aims to kill as many "special" foes as possible - ogres, leaders, spellcasters, etc. - and not worry about "regular" orcs. I know this because Mo's player told me this yesterday during a break during kickboxing. I'm sure the others would like to accomplish this, too, but it's not clear what individual priorities are.

This will be part II of the plan to grind the orcs down. It'll probably be a multi-session process; there are a lot of orcs and the PCs are still operating on limited knowledge of their foe. The orc areas in the dungeon are largely known to them, and they have some (old) scouting knowledge from when Galen spied on the orcs about the cave-riddled valley they are based in. In between is a large swath of terrain, plenty of space for tunnels, and no clear idea where anything goes but a pressing need to go there if they want to win victories and get loot . . . delving at its finest!

* Your choice: this is either a reference step 3 of the underwear gnome's plan, or a variation of Tank Girl, Jet Girl, and Sub Girl's more beer-centric plan.


  1. Granted I'm not in your game and would probably be outvoted, but my predisposition here would be a series of as-stealthy-as-possible raids to take out the primary orc threats. Hit-and-run, with the lines of retreat prepped with traps. Special Ops, not line infantry.

    But that's me.

    1. I'd go with trying to look vulnerable and drawing out as many Orcs as possible, then revealing another 5 PCs along with the traps etc

      Anyway RPGers kick boxing! That makes a difference from the first and only RPG convention I went to the year with such serious health problems I wanted to lead the table in some stretching and warm up exercise.

    2. @Doug: More than half the group isn't remotely stealthy, and only a portion of the group is faster than your typical orc. It makes stealthy hit and run so much better.

      @Unachimba: Good call on the tactics . . .
      And yeah, I practicing striking a couple times a week, kick the bag every day to keep my shins conditioned, etc. One of my gamers used to do MMA with me until our gym closed. I hear you on the gaming conventions. I see pics of convention gaming tables and often think, man, I need to get those folks into the gym for nutrition counseling and some basic exercises. And sell them gaming books. "That's it, everyone. GURPS and squats all around." :)


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