Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pictures from Session 82, Felltower 55

Three of my players took pictures on Saturday and sent them to me. I didn't have time to edit them and sort them and post them until now.

I'll have more game notes later, but for now, here are the mini pictures.

Here are several views of the fight near the "orc hole."

 photo session-82-felltower-55_squaring-off small_zpshcg69k3p.jpg

 photo Vic 11-20-16 session 1 small_zpsu6yervob.jpg

 photo session-82-felltower-55_first-encounter small_zps4s3jhnmu.jpg

And roughly chronological, the fight at the intersection:

 photo IMG_20161120_181559 small_zpsgj7psomj.jpg

 photo IMG_20161120_184144 small_zpsfah2zexd.jpg

 photo IMG_20161120_201157 small_zpszioocntv.jpg

 photo session-82-felltower-55_dryst-in-the-middle small_zpscad2kfbf.jpg

 photo Vic 11-20-16 session 2 small_zpszwg5nswc.jpg

 photo session-82-felltower-55_mid-battle small_zpsnqb2tyb5.jpg

 photo session-82-felltower-55_piles-of-corpses small_zpsy4d6gjue.jpg

In those latter ones especially you can see:

- some very old "wolf" minis I got from . . . somewhere, mostly painted. Not painted well, or at least the paint jobs didn't hold up well. I retouched, washed, and touched up those minis plus gave them new eye and mouth paint jobs and better bases. Those are "devil wolves."

- I have two Reaper Bones Owlbears, thanks to trading for one from Mark Langsdorf. They say thank you, Mark.

- the orcs are a usual mix of Reaper Bones, Reaper DHA, Wargames Factory, Heritage, Black Tree, TSR - all modified with hats, capes, weapons, sheaths, etc. from GW. The orc spearman with a black hat is one of my favorites - one of my players calls him a "Southie Orc."

- the various rings denote stunning, pollen cloud effects, and so on.

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