Tuesday, April 17, 2018

CRPGs based on Gygax's stuff? Maybe.

I saw this article today while I was at work:

Dungeons & Dragons creator’s unpublished work to be turned into video games

So I immediately went to check out Erik Tenkar's take on this. His commentary is probably sadly accurate.

I'd love to see more of what Gary Gygax did. I'd really like to see Lejendary Journeys, even if only for historical reading purposes. But I'm not sure this announcement is really a sign of actual gaming materials to come. GaryCon seems to be great, I found Gygax magazine to be so-so (and it's gone, in any case), and this whole thing just drags on and on.


  1. I'm starting to wonder if Gygax should have wedded Lorraine Williams instead. Sure, what would come out wouldn't be playtested first and it would have had no demons, but at least it would have come out.

  2. I know a place close to me that has a plethora of copies of Lejendary Journeys on the shelf.


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