Sunday, April 15, 2018

Felltower housecleaning

My time to prepare for game has dropped off a bit, thanks to my new job. It's all good - I really love the new gig. And I have done so much prep for Felltower that I can run it for many sessions without further prep.

Can, but more prep is always good.

So what I did was:

- I updated the rumor list - partially. I still need to do more. I wish I could sustain enough for a D30 but the PCs pull in 10+ rumors per session, it's hard enough to keep 20 fresh ones in there.

- I did some partial restocking on some places the PCs haven't been tramping recently.

- I did some minis restocking now that "Let's go to the Lost City and find the other Bell of D'Abo" is a game-time decision.

- I did some filling out of details on places the PCs are close to that I'd left unfinished.

I also did some housekeeping on the blog.

- I updated the campaign page with links.

- I updated the monsters encountered page. Mostly with snakes and puddings, but they needed to be added.

- I fixed a few picture links in some old posts. Many are still broken.

As always, the upside of a sandbox is that it's always ready. The only thing that would be easier would be running pre-made adventures straight up. But I've put the work in, so now I get to just maintain and enjoy.


  1. "...the PCs pull in 10+ rumors per session..."

    I suspect this is multiple rumors each... are you giving them Rumors equal to MoS?


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