Thursday, April 5, 2018

New GURPS DF book - Caverntown

Sean Punch's latest addition to the DF is out today - Dungeon Fantasy Setting: Caverntown.

It's a town in a cavern next to a sprawling dungeon (dungeon not included.)

According to the blurb:

Land Of The Underground Sun

Dungeon Fantasy heroes see town as a place to hear rumors, buy supplies, and sell loot – but their players often want details. A settlement that serves wanderers obsessed with weapons, armor, magic, and mountains of coins won't look much like anything from Earth's Middle Ages! It'll be more interesting.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Setting: Caverntown presents a magical underground city a mere bowshot from the dungeon. Visit and find:

A lovingly described adventure backdrop, with a remarkable history and quirky residents (including powerful non-delvers with full character sheets).
Stats for guards and security measures – and notes on laws and customs – to make would-be troublemakers think twice.
Guidelines for "civilized" heroes who want to serve on the Town Watch or even own property.
Numerous rumors, intrigues, and potential quests.
Over a dozen brief dungeon descriptions to expand into adventures.
Expanded rules useful in any town, covering quest-finding, trade, bespoke gear (including magic items), healing at the temple, and more.
Welcome to Caverntown!

I've seen it already, and it's a nice, non-generic but very DF town for a dungeon-centric game.

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  1. so this is a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy supplement, not a DFRPG supplement? Cool.


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