Friday, March 13, 2020

Paint flaking off Bones minis?

I've begun to notice a downside to my Bones minis. Oh sure, they're cheap for minis compared to metal. They're light. The big ones especially are much easier to handle.

But I've had several minis where the paint just starts to peel back and off. It could be that I'm using craft paints, but some of the flaking has happened on minis that I've painted with Vallejo Game Colors and Reaper Pro Paints, too. I haven't tried any of the newest Reaper paints . . . but if I need to buy more expensive paints to replace the ones I have, in order to repaint my Bones minis . . . I'm sure I'm not a big fan of that.

The sealed minis seem to do okay longer, but eventually, a bend here or there flakes the paint right off.

Anyone have experience preventing this?


  1. It's been a while since you talked painting... but I presume you cleaned and primed them before painting?

    1. It's been a while since I had time to paint. Well, the time I used to paint is now work hour time, and I'm little inclined to set up and paint outside of those hourse.

      Anyway . . .

      Cleaned, but didn't prime. Bones plastic doesn't do well with primer. They recommend straight paint onto the cleaned mini. I basecoat mine with a flat grey paint so I can pick out the details better.

    2. "Bones plastic doesn't do well with primer."

      That is just antithetical to my every inclination... but I'd expect the reaper boys know what they're talking about with their own minis...

      From what I can gather it takes a good boiling to fully get the mold release off? Every mention of "paint peeling off Bones minis" I can find everyone blames either improper cleaning or that you touched it with your bare fingers before painting it and transferred skin oil onto the fig.

      So, the forums are literally no help here.

    3. It's true. "This happened." "You must have done it wrong."

      I can't soap and wash them much mor thoroughly.


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