Sunday, June 19, 2022

Felltower Status

Felltower current status:

We're still between sessions, but still mid-delve. The players - at least a couple of them - are discussing either a do-or-die attempt to destroy the norkers and norker-alikes in the room with them . . . or surrender. So Option A, surrender. Option B, do-or-die. Option C, just declare everyone tried B and died and move on. I added my own commentary, which basically was this:

- Surrendering might not be as simple as throwing up your hands and giving up, but it's also not an automatic death sentence. It will be a death sentence if you make it so - fake surrender, I surrender but then grab a knife and fight my way out, or your guy is just so predisposed to be impossible to safely keep prisoner that no one would take you prisoner. Avoid that, and I can assure you out of game that I won't just kill your characters out of hand. It's the start of negotiations, except from a very bad place.

- It won't be a game-ender. That's unless people prefer their guy just go away (or retire after rescue, or something like that.) But this isn't the same as option C.

- Gerry is welcome to try to escape. He doesn't have the energy to take anyone with him, as far as I know, and that would more than double the difficulty. It's likely to be tough, anyway, and impossible if he runs into a locked door or someone has See Invisible, or can smell him or otherwise sense him. Attempting and failing might come with costs - either after capture or instead of capture (i.e. they kill fleeing Gerry, or kill someone else in retaliation.) You just don't know your enemy well enough for me to give any hint, here.

I'm happy to run any of these.

- Option B is tough. It might be a winnable fight, but you're in a bad position. If you win, great. If you lose, it does impose additional costs on top of capture for any living. This *can* be a game-ender for the characters involved. Not every foe likes to leave people dead-but-resurrectable and easily recovered. For example, every delver ever except Vryce. But on the other hand, if you win, it's a victory and you just continue on.

We'll see what they do. I suspect it will be Gerry making a run for it and the rest try to surrender. Norkers don't seem to be like gnolls or trolls, though, so they probably won't butcher the PCs if they throw their hands up. And if they do surrender, what next? I have ideas, but much of it depends on the how and why of the PCs, and what they choose.

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