Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser on Murder

I just like this quote a lot:

Fafhrd said, "You were a drunken idiot-genius indeed tonight [. . .] Tying up our swords so we couldn't use 'em save as clubs!"
The Mouser shrugged. "Yet that sword-tying doubtless saved us from committing a number of murders tonight."
Fafhrd retorted, a little hotly, "Killing in a fight isn't murder."
Again the Mouser shrugged. "Killing is murder, no matter what nice names you give."

- Fritz Leiber, Ill Met in Lankhmar

Yeah. Pretty things up as you will, but it doesn't change what they are.


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  2. I really need to go re-read those books.

    1. The last one, Knight and Knave, is awful. But the others are really entertaining stuff.


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