Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spray-Sealing Minis!

Hurrah! It's almost 50 here and not humid. I'm off to spray-seal a few minis. I wish I had more ready to go, but I was too busy. But I have a couple right here . . . and with luck one of them (a Bones orc) will be dry by tomorrow and can join his buddies below Felltower just in time for game.

Amusingly I was just getting set to spray some other minis when I realized . . . wait, those were supposed to be gloss finished and were already glossy but just needed some work on their bases. So I put them back. I almost let me enthusiasm for marking minis as "done" set me back.

Hurrah for warming weather!


  1. I've got access to a industrial 3-D printer if you're ever interested in 3-D printed miniatures, Peter.

    1. Wow, thanks. I don't have anything to print . . . yet.


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