Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Party in Miniature

So I got my camera back, so I decided to give it a try out and take a group shot of the Felltower explorers, in miniature. Illness, scheduling conflicts, work, more illness, and so on have torpedoed all of our recent attempts to play, but I'm hoping to get on track next Sunday.

Here they are, and their details. If it doesn't say I painted them specifically for the character, that means I just busted out the appropriate minis and offered them to the player from my previously=painted collection.

I broke it out by:
In-Game Description
Paintjob & notes.

Felltower Party Borriz-Galoob photo FelltowerLineup1

From left to right:

Dwarf knight with mace and shield.
TSR AD&D Dwarf
Assembled by me. Painted by Borriz's player, specifically to be Borriz.

Human scout with longbow.
GW Empire Militiaman
Assembled and painted by me.

Chuck Morris
Extremely tall human martial artist with light horse cutter.
100 Kingdoms Wuxia Warrior (ground mounted).
Painted by me, specifically to be Chuck Morris. Why I had a giant martial artist with a horse cutter just perfect for Chuck in my collection, I don't know. Maybe except for saying 100 Kingdoms minis are cool.

Halfling wizard with stick and shield.
Unknown origin Gnome with Sling and Shield *
Painted by whoever I got them off of, years and years ago.
I think this guy is Minifigs, or Archiv, or some other 1970s minis company, but he's glued down to a base now and that covers his details.

Sneaking in at the end out of alphabetical order is a Galoob Jah WIP.

Galoob Jah
Goblin thief with rapier.
Reaper Bones Gnome
Lightly modified and painted specifically to be Galoob Jah.
WIP - he's only base coated so far, and lacks shading, highlighting, and probably a black or brown wash.

Fellttower Party Galen-Raggi photo FelltowerLineup2

Galen Longtread
Human scout with composite bow.
GW Warhammer Militiaman
Painted - probably - by someone I bought them off on eBay.

Honus Honusson
Human barbarian with morningstar and spiked shield.
GW Warhammer Chaos Marauder
Assembled and Painted by me, specifically to be Honus. Converted from an axe to a morningstar after assembly.

Human knight in mail with greatsword.
WOTC Chainmail line **
Painted by me.

The party leader, aka GMPC (ha), aka disaster waiting to happen?

"Red" Raggi Ragnarsson
Human barbarian with two-handed axe.
Reaper barbarian with axe
Painted by me.

Oh, and those two in the back? They are Created Servants, from the spell Create Servant. Reaper Bones Zombies, painted gray-white and soft-tone Army Painter Quickshade dipped.

You can plainly see some variation in painting quality. For example, Chuck and Vryce came out extremely well, and were meant to be tabletop quality but came out better. Borriz is painted by an art school graduate who felt this was a fair result - and it far exceeds my showpiece minis. A couple of the minis came out as acceptable for tabletop use, but not more (Christoph, Galen) or show an amateur's early work (Dryst).

I hope the folks who've been asking for pictures enjoyed this - and if so, I might do a "DF Henchmen Group Shot" look at the minis for the various hirelings, both the ill-fated and the still-living.

* Dryst's mini was a "here, use this for now" move that turned into a permanent one. This has happened before with Dryst's player and minis. "I have this better one . . . " "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"
He's the same guy who fights "under protest" when I have to swap in minis to represent different troop types.

** The Chainmail line of figures were not very good - they are remarkably flat, generally. But still, they're pretty attractive from the right angle. I have a lot of them as well from when they closed out the line and had these extreme discount sales. This guy was like $1 on sale, and I painted him just for fun and he came out extremely well. When Vryce's player decided on Vryce's design and loadout, I knew which minis to offer him and he picked this guy.


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