Friday, March 7, 2014

Tracy Hickman on Pitching Dragonlance

I read this yesterday:

Dragonlance: Selling the Dream

Although I have mixed feelings about the impact of Dragonlance (I loved the stories when I was a teen, but the modules weren't great game material), I'm nothing but impressed by the approach. If you want to sell a project to people, pay attention to that article. They:

- Assembled people individually and in groups to pitch and/or develop the idea.

- They did their homework, and came to each group with what they needed to say and do to get their (clearly enthusiastic) support.

- They didn't take anyone's support for granted.

Wearing a suit was a nice touch. But it's clear they had an idea, developed it enough to get support and then went and got that support (and used it to roll up to the next level), did their homework, and put the work in the make it all click.

It's a short, punchy writeup of how you want to pitch your big idea to the big boss, really. Whether you liked what they pitched or not, they made sure it would be bought before they tried to sell it.

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