Sunday, September 13, 2015

Gamma World session pre-cap

I'll write a session summary tomorrow when I get a chance.

But we played Gamma Terra today, which is basically GURPS Gamma World crossed with The Morrow Project.

Some highlights:

- us old-timers got back to the Bal'Kree with our warbot, but not before some zeeth grass teleported death into our transport.

- the newbies got dumped out of the vault.

- the newbies, let by an officer named Newbie, fought a giant killer tentacled elephant thing.

- We all met up at the Bal'Kree camp. Newbie led off some less strong-willed types to "find their homes." Nevermind they were nuked out of existence hundreds of years ago.

- The new combined group sorted its options and decided to check out the "Proving Grounds."

- Many earth-swimming sharks were fought and slain.

- Many now-antique adult oriented male magazines were recovered. Much ammo was expended and several were radiated recovering it.

- We made it safely back to base.

- Turns out I got mutated, somehow, despite being the most cautious of our group (My Overconfidence is Quirk-level, and mostly manifests itself with risky combat shots because I'm not going to shoot you by accident even if that shark-thing has half of you in its mouth and I'm shooting the head, not by doing risky generic stuff.)

Fun stuff!

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