Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Casting Room Minis, free worldwide shipping

Wargames Foundry has spun off a webpage selling its "Casting Room Miniatures" lines. Postage is free for the rest of 2015, worldwide.

This isn't their complete set of ranges, but still, it's a lot of good stuff, including:


Nymphs & War-Maidens

(a good source of sensibly armored/dressed in ancient style figures and half- or fully-naked Amazon types, for that time you throw Elenoin at your players)

Dark Age Warriors

(they make good ersatz Vikings and generic European fantasy warriors)

and Greek Myths

(four different five-pack sets of harpies, bunches of satyrs, gods, heroes, gorgons and victims, etc. etc.) And if you look carefully, a pack of watery murder nymphs!

I can attest to the quality of their materials and sculpting. They don't seem to have USD prices, but at the moment it's about $1.50 to the Pound so $15-$18 for 5- or 6- figure packs with no shipping cost is a good deal. Also, you can ask for a free random sample of some range with your order (or with a SASE, if you can figure out the cost to mail a figure back to you) and they'll chuck in an extra mini.

The shipping deal is until the end of 2015, so there is plenty of time to browse.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I like how many civilian miniature there are to choose from.

    1. You're welcome.

      They've always had a good variety of civilians in their line - and wargaming pieces plus diorama pieces. I'm glad to see this little spinoff of their "replacement" models.

  2. Those are great. Cool to have 6 different poses for your archer bandits. Have you checked out HeroForge for your player minis?

    1. I've glanced at it. It's a lot to pay for a mini. If one of my players wants to do one, it's fine. I'd even paint it. For myself? I'd rather get 3-5x as many figures instead of one custom one.


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