Thursday, September 10, 2015

GURPS Barbarians & My Game

So, out of my own book, in my own game, what am I using?


We're using most of the templates. My campaign doesn't really have room for Rage Barbarians. I love them, it's just like my own Ninja template - it's not the feel we're going for.

I'd consider a Skinchanger-focused Rage Barbarian, though, if the player was willing to read DF5 and know the rules so I didn't have to explain them every time he wanted to shift shape. (I feel the same way about magic and allies in general, actually - know how it works, I've got a lot to do already!)

The others? Barbarian, Savage Warrior, Survivor? All okay.


They're all okay in my game. You've seen a Shirtless Savage, and I hope you'll see a Berserker that isn't one I made up myself (ahem, Raggi). I'm not sure Sea Raider fits (my game is so heavily focused on being underground), but it is allowed. Short? Sure, it opens up a lot of options, especially for smaller and larger races. Refined Savage? I couldn't say no - it's a good gateway lens, too, if you expect to be going for any kind of spellcasting or social approach.


They're all available, except the Rage Power only ones - if someone convinces me to allow a Rage Barbarian, those will all be included, too. If not, then no.

Rules & Switches

Okay, how about rules and tweaks and switches?

Outdoorsman is Too Expensive! - not in my games, it isn't. I use the expanded skill list, and I'm quite generous about the bonuses from Outdoorsman. I apply it to lots of rolls and as you can see from the Girdle of Savage Might, to some magical powers, too. I'd feel bad extending extra points to the barbarians and scouts and not the others. And if I did that, why not use the higher cost for Chi Talent, say? Nah, for my game 10/level is fair enough.

Oversized Weapons - these and the revised damages for two-handed axe/mace weapons? Fine! I hope to see a big ass club, too.

Crude - crude gear, yes. I expect the next barbs to take full advantage and start with lots of crude stuff for the discount since they rarely cash in worn gear for money anyway.

Pretty much, all the gear is there. Some of it is already in the game. The rest is there if people want it, and for me to thrown in. A round of Rageahol for the house, my brothers!


  1. Nude Pixie Barbarian/Scouts with two oversized slings?!? Oh wait. No Fae. Halfling then. Would probably work even better.

    1. Might work. At least until you die.

      Plus dual-wielding missile weapons is tremendously ineffective IME.

    2. :) Life spans seem short any way. Akimbo seems to be the key to that. Would be fascinating to try.

    3. Akimbo isn't available in DF - it's not in Basic Set, or in any of the DF supplements that I can tell.

      Anyway, you'd then need to get Two-Weapon Fighting from DF3, and convince the GM that "any Melee Weapon" means "including missile weapons." DF is pretty restrictive about this, on purpose.

      Not to knife too many holes in your suicidal character concept . . .

    4. Ah good point. Akimbo isnt an option in any DF line! Sadness. Though why so suicidal? Halfling Barbarian is ST 14 HP 21 out of the gate. Decent but not spectacular dodge. Focus on range, so not a front line fighter. Doesnt seem any more suicidal than a mage?

    5. Once you ditch the dual-wielding concept, it's a lot more survivable because now you can start thinking of a shield. You do become a bit of a second cousin to the Scout, though - more damage (2d with a human-sized sling) but much lower rate of fire. I don't have a Heroic Archer variant for slings going, either. So you'd do okay as a ranged support fighter once you have some way of dealing with defense.

      21 HP sounds like a lot, but we've found that 20+ HP just means it takes two hard shots to put you down, not the one shot most 10-14 HP guys take. :)

    6. Also probably worth noting that I explicitly do not allow people to start with a cross-template Lens. It's precisely this kind of thing - "I based my guy on a template plus a lens plus a perk plus a power-up, and he needs them all not to suck!" - that I am avoiding by doing so.

    7. Gotcha. I wouldnt have looked at scout right of the gate (would just start with scout otherwise!) but a lack of Heroic Slinger pretty much gets rid of that need anyway. It is interesting to see the boundries though, thanks for the reply.

      Also, 21 HPs being barely enough! Yikes! :) Guess you really gotta stack up those defense skills.


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