Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DF Kickstarter - Final 3 Days

So if you guys haven't been following the Powered by GURPS DF RPG Kickstarter:

1) It's funded, so it's coming.

2) If you pledge at the $50 level, you'll get:

- the boxed set (a complete RPG in and of itself, complete with five books, counters, maps, counter bases);

- as of the time I write this three PDFs;

- and Shipping has been knocked down $10 off the estimate, which means it's around $5 shipping in the US, and there are EU and Australia-friendly solutions for people overseas.

3)If you pledge at the $250 level, you get a huge amount of stuff - the boxed set, GM screen, extra bases, PDFs of everything - literally everything - in the DF line, a Pyramid subscription, PDFs of the boxed set, some Pyramid magazines dedicated to DF, a bundled PDF of all the smaller DF related Pyramid magazine articles (including some of mine), and all of the Cardboard Heroes sets (the original 1-10). Here is a graphic showing the current level:

4) There is even a $550 version of the "I Want it All" level that comes with a private game session at GenCon. You can play with Dr. Kromm! I'd be tempted to do this - I've never actually had Sean Punch GM a session for me. Played a couple together, sat in on one of his game sessions, but not GM a play I played. Yet. I'll vouch for this, though - the game session I sat in on was a lot of fun. He's an excellent GM.

Please take a look, and join in the GURPS-powered fun of dungeon delving. No, it's not D&D, but if the abstraction of other combat systems is starting to make you wonder what a different system could do, or you're needing a switch from picking your class and dealing with levels, or you just want a change a pace from those, GURPS is a good system to look at. And this boxed set is a complete game, not a starter set, and all you need to play.

Plus, you'll finally understand all of my session summary commentary. That's priceless.


  1. Just in case anyone happens to have just read Peter's post, wondered whether the DF Kickstarter is worth backing, and is now looking down in the "Comments" section to decide whether or not it's worth it:

    Do it! It's worth it! Only 50 hours left!

  2. How to be a GURPS GM and the Dungeon Fantasy Companion in print are also nice things at the "I Want It All!!!" level.

  3. The big problem is, the cost. Yes, I know, it's a good price for all that's in it. But, this is essentially, a starter set. Something to get people to put their foot in the door, and try it out. And, if this is to be a test of Gurps in the market, then it puts the bar a bit high.

    Personally, I would have liked to see a Gurps Lite based set of books. Magic Lite could just be an edited down version of the magic chapter in the main book. Fantasy Lite, of course, would draw quite a bit from DF, pulling templates from Henchmen.

    1. I'd argue that the $50 level isn't a high bar. Or a starter set - this isn't "levels 1-3" or "levels 1-5" like so many other sets. It's a complete product you can add to, but don't need to in order to keep playing.

      I'm just pointing out that if you really want to fill out a collection, the $250 level is an amazing deal. It has so much stuff that I'd actually get more than $250 of value for my $250 if I went for it, and I have all of the DF books, all but one of the Pyramid issues, most of the PDFs of the Cardboard heroes, and How to Be a GURPS GM in PDF.

  4. Jeff,

    And then what? Are you suggesting PDFs? Physical books? For free? Paid?

    Whats the aim? New players?

    DFRPG is an opportunity to see if GURPS printed product can work by raising funds on Kickstarter. This is at the same time as two other (also not cheap) books are planned to come out.

    I suggest also reading Gaming Ballistic for the costs of producing just one PDF book. I can't see anything substantial enough coming out from SJ Games that won't be $10 plus a book just for a PDF. More likely $20 for the wordcount we are getting here. And remember thats the PDF. We are in fact getting a bargain for just $50 with dice, counters etc to attract new players who want everything they need when they buy a product.


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