Sunday, September 25, 2016

Emergency DF session!

Due to logistical issues, we can't play Gamma Terra today as scheduled.

So instead I'm running an emergency session of Dungeon Fantasy.

This is why having a megadungeon/sandbox area like Felltower is so key for me - I really just needed to touch up the notes, finish the rumors, and grab my box of stuff and go. It's all ready for whatever they settle on doing . . .

(Editing the day after - here is the session's summary.)


  1. We have a DF emergency! Get some d6's down here, stat!

    Yeah, this is one of the great things about a megadungeon. My players are on level 6 out of , and I'm prepped down to level 9. So unless they figure out a way to crash-dive 4 levels, we can play whenever.

  2. Excellent! Another session report heading our way!

  3. Replies
    1. It put the "oh sh*t run" in OSR, for sure.

    2. Dang! Sorry Hjalmarr and Brother Ike weren't there. :(

    3. They'd have been useful - here is the link to the session's summary (also embedded above.)


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