Thursday, September 22, 2016

DF Session Summary 79: Addendum

Our last DF game session ended after a terrific battle - both in the "great" and "causes terror" senses of the word. It was also a long battle, and we glossed over a lot so we could end the session.

There were three items I glossed over in my haste to get things done and get home. So I emailed them to my players.

"#1: The room was a No Sanctity zone. Which didn't matter tonight, because Brother Ike never got off any spells. But it matters for healing - presumably you moved out into the hallway to do healing. Had he not been blasted by lightning, this would have been an issue.

#2: Behind one of the doors were two broken-up skeletons in tattered and broken scale armor, with shattered weapons (axes, probably over a hundred years old now, and no Repair wouldn't make them salvageable), and little bits of personal effects. No money, and importantly, no skulls. They would have been found while you searched the room. Their gear seemed to indicate northerners, probably like those who followed Baron Sterick the Red.

#3: Behind the sarcophagus, there was a small red six-fingered hand symbol on the wall, roughly 8-9" tall. The sarcophagus was also decorated with carved figured that resembled the cone-hatted cultists' uniforms and their symbols, as well.

I gave the players free rein to retroactively declare anything they'd like to do about these things. After all, it wasn't their fault I forgot in my haste to get home. And none of them were things I wanted to have to remove from the game world.

Basically no one had any comment except to ask about Brother Ike's Staff of Healing - no, it wouldn't have worked either, it's Holy.

But when I double-checked a few days ago to see if that was that - as I ready the megadungeon for the next game session, someone did ask to have done something.

Mo touched the hand.

Right or left or something else?

He said, whichever would fit - but it's not clear with the six-fingered hands which is left or right (at least, not always). He went lefty, after we discussed it and it was clear he'd touch it with his morningstar ready in his right hand to smash stuff.

"You took 1 HP of damage and lost 4 FP and felt a deep chill you couldn't shake for a few hours, and the HP wouldn't and didn't heal until you'd rested in town and recovered it naturally.

That's it. Anyone else?

No one else went for it.

Mo was disappointed he didn't get a cool zombie hand or anything.

Is this significant beyond being trap-like? We'll see.


  1. "It's not the key, but the hand that holds it"
    great, guess Mo's on key duty. Thankfully Mo used his left so he can smash away after unlocking a door!

    1. You're the keymaster. I have a gatekeeper getting painted up for you. Did Mo's momma call him Louis?

  2. My frivolous prediction: over the next few days, Mo is going to feel strange... then stranger...

    The true nature of the transformation will only become apparent when he starts growing a sixth finger...

    1. If Mo doesn't have a middle finger to give death, I think he'd just curl up and die.

  3. Hmmm... Damn, you're right: six-fingered people don't have a middle finger. I'd never thought of that.

    That probably explains why they need to resort to violence instead:


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