Monday, September 26, 2016

Pictures from DF Session 80

So we're up to 80 sessions, I didn't really pay attention. Twenty more before the century mark of sessions. Not bad for "let's play until we get bored."

andi jones took some pictures last session. Another one my players did, too, but it didn't seem so trivial to link pics off of his Instagram, but here is one of them.

A few notes on these:

- you can see me marking smoke with custom area effect markers made by andi. Also, the poisonous gas, marked with plain area effect markers.

- another andi contribution, tiny rubber bands mark minis by color or act as status effect markets. $1.29 or something for hundreds of them. Generally on NPCs I can mark Axeman (White) or Golem (Purple) on my notes and keep them straight. For PCs we use them to mark "dropped weapon" or "stunned" or whatever.

- I use some GW terrain counters to mark the center, and edging, of the Pollen Cloud spell.

- Never underestimate the value of actual rocks for representing shattered golems. Or representing rocks.

I don't think there are any pictures of the first fight, but here are three of the second and a special appearance pic at the bottom.

 photo session-80-felltower-53_pic-3_pollen-cloud small_zpsxsnlex21.jpg

The pollen cloud covers a moving battle across the room, as Vryce desperately tries to keep his foes in his limited arc of vision (from his greathelm.)

 photo session-80-felltower-53_pic-4_battle-rages  small_zpszwuw3qqd.jpg

Vryce has backed off after finishing a golem and contends with two of the axemen, as another one fades into the smoke behind him. The other golem moves off to engage Quenton Gale.

 photo session-80-felltower-53_pic-5_dave-and-mo-rescued  small_zpskafvxodm.jpg

The aftermath of Vryce's charge across the battlefield while Great Hasted, slamming two of his buddies out of danger and cutting down the "leader."

The minis in question here are five "Shadow Elf Killers" from Black Tree Minis. They're a little short, but the design is perfect, so I went with them.
The "leader" is an WhizKids Vampire, not sure from which set - it's 11 of 12, VH. The mini was MIA for a while, and I only turned it up after a long search the night before game. So I didn't have time to modify his head into the correct headgear to match the other minis. I'll do that now - some greenstuff will do. His armor coloring and design and sword seemed excellent fits, though, and he'll only need the head mod to really fit. Shame he's so tall and the others so short, but again, design trumps size when it's pretty close. You'll notice most of the wizards we use are taller than Vryce's old Chainmail line mini, but his design is perfectly Vryce.

The golems are Reaper Bones Stone Golems.

 photo session-80-felltower-53_pic-6_hot-on-our-heels  small_zpsdpozcytm.jpg

And this is Durak, the Lord of Spite, and his two war boar pets. The PCs showed him who was boss, by not kicking his butt this time.

That is an old TSR AD&D ogre mini painted to be a demon, and (left) a Orc Boar Boyz boar from GW side-by-side with (right) a vastly superior, more durable, better-looking, and cheaper war boar from Black Tree Design.

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