Wednesday, September 21, 2016

GURPS Purchases on W23 and the DF Kickstarter

Steve Jackson Games is running an interesting cross-promotion between their Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Kickstarter and Warehouse23.

Any GURPS purchases on W23 count for stretch goals on the Kickstarter.

Update #23: Thank You! Now, Tackle Stretch Goals! Warehouse 23 GURPS Sales Count Toward Stretch Goals

I suspect that's why the funding dropped a little bit - why pay $8 in the future for a PDF when you can pay $7.99 right now and get it now, with the same effect on the Kickstarter campaign?

Either way, I decided to do my part. I'd been meaning to buy After the End 1 and 2.

I didn't own them, which might seem odd since I had a pair of articles in Pyramid magazine based on them.

I wrote those articles using a preview draft of the books. But I didn't actually get a copy. I like having an official, updated-when-they-update, backed-up PDF copy of things on W23. And even though those are post-apoc, they feed into the Kickstarter for DF.

So I picked them up. I may go back and add a Pyramid issue I'm missing, we'll see.

But if you're interested in any issues of Pyramid magazine or GURPS products, this month is a good time to pick them up. You'll get what you want, feed the Kickstarter for the backers, and - if you're a backer - potentially expand the GURPS line with stretch goal PDFs.


  1. It's a good deal. I'm going to pre-order Discworld RPG and GURPS Mars Attacks this month. But holding off until the end of the month, in case I decide I want something else that might bring me to the free shipping threshold.

    1. Sounds like a good strategy. I do that myself with most things - wait for a large order. Amazon Prime does spoil me for things from them though.

      I'm curious about those two books, but I'm not sure I'll ever run or play either. DF, well, that one we just play and play and play. I'm tempted to get a second box just to have table copies of the books.


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