Saturday, February 24, 2018

Felltower Prep

Felltower is tomorrow, so I got some house cleaning done last night and this morning:

- new printout of Raggi's character sheet, updated with the special order axe that finally arrived (a balanced dwarven fine silvered greataxe, which doesn't go far to replaced the Weapon Bonded Accuracy +2, Puissance +2, Fine Dwarven Greataxe he had. Oh well, it's better than the plain axe he used to poor effect last time. The axe doesn't make the man, but it can make him better.

- I updated the rumors.

- I reviewed some of the player's plans and notes for next session.

- I reviewed the monsters I expect to need for next session.

And that's that - off to work, and hopefully time for more prep tonight. If not, all those hours I put into megadungeon prep in earlier, less busy times should pay off!

1 comment:

  1. I hope poor Raggi will manage to be awesome and useful again


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