Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pictures from Session 98, Felltower 70

Yesterday I posted the summary of the session:

DF Game, Session 98, Felltower 70 - Gnolls & Norkers

Here are some pictures from the session.

Sadly, a lot of the ogres are counters, because I forgot to pack the minis. Next time. I use a lot of ogres.

Pictures after the cut.

The first wave of attackers. The baffles can be clearly seen marked on the map. The really worked as I intended - they disrupted the PC advance, stopped free swapping of positions, and made it tough for support fighters to freely choose targets to engage. The enemy's plans don't always work out that way.

Trapped! Hamilcar has already laid down some smoke.

A spark cloud on the main body of the PCs!

Spark cloud divides the group.

The norkers charge.

Vryce reinforces Hayden and Hjalmarr against the norkers.

The final state of the combat map.

Vic memorialized Mo's massive skull shot on a gnoll.

1 comment:

  1. this was a fun fight if not as ... scary ... as many because Vryce the Exsanguinator was there.
    Request: Andi needs to make severed head counters now that Hjallmar the Headhunter is around.
    Mo eschews titles. they are a weakness of the civilized


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