Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Rules & Rulings from Session 99

Only a couple little things came up in Session 99.

Full Face Protection I mentioned yesterday. It was clear people still had the legacy rules in mind - if it's not a plate greathelm, it doesn't obstruct vision or limit hearing. We cleared that up.

Foes at Different Levels I also mentioned. People very quickly forget that they defend at -2 against foes at 45 degrees or more above them, -1 if merely at a higher level (and those foes defend at +2 and +1). It's a pretty simple rule but I think it's easy to overlook. I'm thinking of marking things with a status marker on the minis to help.

Is this loot? - if something is discovered and partly looted, the next time the money doesn't count for the loot threshold. This is basically to avoid "farming" lootables ("let's just take enough for today, and come back next time if we need to top off.") But if something is encountered and not looted, it's going to count when you actually do it. The mercury pool was a case in point. The pillows, etc. would not have, since they were discovered but left behind as too bulky and not worthwhile while the rest of the room was ransacked.

That's about it - the game went smoothly, overall.

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