Sunday, October 28, 2018

Felltower vs. Dork Tower

This Dork Tower explains why my dungeon inhabitants are so active:

The denizens of Felltower got the word!

Monsters in my game regularly come and investigate noises, especially those of fighting and dying. There might be things to flee from, to ambush, to eat, to loot - all sorts of things. You can't really relax and let the neighbors sort it out. This is a dungeon, not a suburb!

I highly recommend:

- taking a look at the sound traveling underground rules in GURPS Underground Adventures;

- knowing the Per scores - especially for hearing! - for monsters so you can check if they're aware of what's going on;

- keep cumulative wandering monsters in mind;

- know the relations between the critters and their interests. They'll act or not act, and determine how they'll act, at least partly on those grounds.

And hey, some of them won't know better, and assume it's just feuding bugbears. They get what they deserve!


  1. Like I always say, wandering monster checks need to happen *constantly*. Every turn (basically each room). Every fight. Every time they muscle through a door without making Forced Entry. Every time they do something loud.

    Predictably is the players’ friend. You need to kill that friend.

  2. This is exactly why I break senses out in their own section when i write monster stat blocks.


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