Friday, October 5, 2018

Random Notes - Friday 10/5

- I'm still undecided on the Chaos Wars 3 Kickstarter. I want a good number of the Chaos army figures, but the mixes available include a lot of minis I have already. I just want the ones I don't, which might mean waiting for the minis to hit the stores in 2019 sometime and picking them up.

- I'm digging around in my notes to see if I can't some writing in. I'm incredible busy, but I may have a chance to do something that won't take an enormous amount of work by me yet will still allow me to get something else up on W23. More when I can say more, if that time comes.

- Just hearing this music makes me want to dig out Diablo I and reinstall it and play it until I can't physically keep my eyes open. I liked Diablo II a lot, especially the jungles, but Diablo, the original, just had a huge impact on me. I should play these during game to keep Felltower spooky. Heck, I should play this while I stock the dungeon. These give me chills.

- Speaking of Felltower, while our next game is in a few weeks and it'll be AD&D again, right after that comes Felltower. I'm reviewing my notes for the dungeon and perusing my minis to see what needs to be finished painting (or statted up, or packed, or all three) to make the encounters have the maximum possible impact on the players.


  1. Replies
    1. No. I wasn't impressed with what I saw, and I'd honestly gotten tired of D2 by the time it rolled around. Diablo itself, though, I never really tired of.

    2. Diablo was definitely the best of the trilogy, followed by D2. I'll never forget D1, though. That was probably one of my biggest influences, since I found the shareware floppy in a bargain bin for a couple bucks at Walmart when I was 13. I played that game to death.

  2. D3 can get repetitive in adventure mode, but it's a really great game. Stories amazing. I play it all the time.

  3. If you liked D2, Path of Exile really captures that feel. It isnt creapy like D1, but it does the exploration/power grind really well. And its free to play, so that's cool too.

    1. I really only liked D2, I didn't love it the way I loved D1. Too many memories of skills that didn't work or weren't worth it, characters nerfed after I spent time building them, importance of pre-planning all of my level purchases, grinding away to get more and more power, etc. It was good, but it was a big step down.

      How is D3 free to play? I wonder if my laptop could even run it . . . unless the Xbox 360 version is free.

      I think my new goal is to set up DOSBox and find my CD of Diablo I and run it.

    2. D3 isn't free to play that I'm aware of. Path of Exile is. But based on what you said of D2, you might like it but not love it.

      I do get some of what you said - especially builds getting nerfed. I use to run a bowazon in 1.08 and 1.09. Then 1.10 decided that build shouldn't exist. That wasn't cool.

    3. There is a level-capped demo on the Xbox360 of Path of Evil. I'm assuming that's what Chris was referring to. I tried it; it's fun enough . . . but not for the $40 price tag. I'll see if I can't find it used, cheaper. Is D3 so different from Path of Evil? D3 is much cheaper used . . .

  4. Diablo 1 was awesome. Diablo 2 I couldn't stand. Never tried 3.


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