Tuesday, October 9, 2018

No more G+ and what that means for Dungeon Fantastic

According to the news reports I read, Google is getting rid of Google Plus.

How will that affect this blog?

I think it mostly won't.

I don't use Google Plus for comments. I tried that briefly and I hated it.

I do post some of the new posts over to Google Plus. I used do that with all of them, but once they changed how +1s worked, it wasn't as helpful for me as a way to keep "score" and see which posts people really liked.

I haven't really browsed around on G+ much, either. Maybe not at all in the past 6-10 months or more.

What think will affect this blog:

- some people seem to track my posts by G+. You can't do that anymore once G+ goes.

- I won't have any place except this blog to advertise this blog. In other words, I'm not cross-posting anywhere so you see it here, see my blog on someone's blog, or you probably don't see it.

I'm not currently considering doing anything differently - I'll just wait and see how it goes. I won't really miss G+, but let's see if the lack of G+ drops my readership or means it is too difficult for new people to find me. If so, I may take action - I'm not sure yet what I'll do.


  1. Yours is the only blog I follow that doesn't post to the GURPS forum or Discord and 1 of only 2 which I can remember the correct term to Google it easily

    1. Never could figure out how to do anything with Google plus so I myself won't miss it as never really got it to work

  2. I hated how they changed the +1 mechanic.

  3. I use Feedly to see when you post. I liked some of the communities on G+, but am guessing I won't miss it as much as I miss Google Wave.

    1. Yeah, I see this blog via Feedly. I often go to it directly, but for its blogroll.

  4. I usually just come here directly. I generally don't do any form of social media outside of Discord, and I never even open the dozen-plus blog threads on the forums.


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