Monday, October 15, 2018

The Black Castle's walls

Some inspirational description of architecture for today:

"Dark, glassy, jointless stone slid past. "My god!" He could see into the wall. He saw bones, fragments of bones, bodies, pieces of bodies, all suspended as if floating in the night. As Raven turned toward the gate, he saw a staring face. "What kind of place is this?""
- Glen Cook, Shadows Linger, p. 57

I don't do horror gaming, but I do put unpleasant, horrible evil into my games. I just tend to deal with it more matter-of-fact. Here is total evil, something wrong on every level, now put your big boy pants on and do something about it. Or not.

I get a lot of my descriptions of banal horror from history and from fantasy - Glen Cook is right at the top of that for me.


  1. Yeah, Black Company informed how I run games as well. No actual "Evil", just people doing things that they need to do (or think they need to do, or want to do) to other people. None of that 'mustache twirling' nonsense. Unless the person is trying to actively put off the "I'm teh Ebil Guy" attitude.

    Then it's just all gonzo puppy kickingly evil stupidity.

    1. I have capital-E Evil in my DF game, and in previous games. I just avoid making it cartoonish, evil for evil's sake evil.


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