Wednesday, November 14, 2018

DF Clerical Turning, again

A circular reference here:

I wrote an article about True Faith with Turning, explaining my house rules from DF Felltower.

Years later, Douglas Cole writes an article about True Faith with Turning.

I commented on his article and linked to my post.

And this is just me tell you guys all of that.

I can vouch for the fact that the house rules I came up with a long time ago have worked just fine in play. They make True Faith a Win Button against mindless undead, but not against willful undead . . . yet it's still well worth the points for all that it's been a bit weakened.

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  1. And in a case of parallel evolution, one of the ideas in my less-specific "here's a bunch of ideas to tweak it out" post I think pretty much mirrors yours in spirit, if not in every detail.


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