Tuesday, November 13, 2018

More thoughts on Session 110

Here are more thoughts on Session 110 of my DF Campaign.

One More Room is Dangerous

The PCs barely made it away from the golems/automatons they found in that final room. Had those things moved at Move 3, they wouldn't have made it. Move 4, and they'd have been overrun. "Look and see" is a risky strategy when your party move is 2-3. Had that one sword blow that hit landed somewhere critical - like Skull - it could have killed a PC. Had it hit someone vulnerable - foot or leg - it could have forced a "stand and fight" situation where the PCs had the worst chance to stand and fight. With a party in rough shape, like this one was, it could easily have been a TPK.

You really can't just "check" a room unless you've got some solid move, and can't do it with impunity unless you have dominant Move.

That's worth keeping in mind - slow movers can't refuse combat unless they run into really sluggish foes. Maybe not even then.

Magic is Weird

In that magic creates a lot of weird effects. Missile Shield would be easier to adjudicate if hits just bounced off. Maybe not in the sense of getting out of missile "to hit" rolls, but for Hitting the Wrong Target? Yes, by a lot.

Darkness is weirdly worded and requires Blackout to make it do what you'd think Darkness would do.

Index Woes

I'm not sure why, but in DFRPG Exploits, you can't find "Last Ditch" by name in the index. Aargh. I don't always remember what section it's in. Aggravating. It's on page 90 if that helps. Even if it listed it by "prayer" or something it would help.

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