Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Comment moderation & conversations

I had to put comments on moderation for a while.

The sheer amount of spam comments is getting pretty overwhelming - I keep logging in to clear the spam.

I will turn moderation back off after a while - I really like popping up a post and coming back hours later to find a series of comments bouncing back and forth ideas. But until SEO optimizers and people promising real magic spells and posting links to whatever go away, or Google makes them do so, I can't just leave things up and open. Sorry about that! I will endeavor to get online to approve comments during the day to keep things going.


  1. No worries. Do what is needed. /thumbs up

  2. But where will I learn about great SEO opportunities?

  3. Understandable. Even I got hit with a ton of spam recently, and I don't have near your traffic. Do what ya need to. We'll still be here :)


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