Friday, November 16, 2018

The Dead by Template

How many PC deaths by template in my DF game?

I'm counting each time slain, regardless of whether it's permanent or was reversed, as once.

Out of 23 PC deaths:

Barbarian: 2
Cleric: 3
Druid: 1
Holy Warrior: 2 (both Asher)
Knight: 5 (3 of which were Hjalmarr)
Martial Artist: 1
Scout: 1
Swashbuckler: 1
Thief: 1
Wizard: 6

If you count NPCs, it gets messier. Much messier, as many aren't built off of templates. We lost 3 acolytes, for example, but many more generic fighter-types, squires, skirmishers, etc. and a couple more "wizards." Barbarian gets 2 more if you count Raggi, but he's not built off of the template. He's not a PC.

So clerics have been rough - 4 played, 3 killed. But wizards have been rougher - 7 played, 6 killed. Several have come back - which hasn't happened for clerics - but they've died more often.


  1. You've had 4 Clerics and one is still alive?

    Who is it? They aren't on the Active/Inactive Roster. And I only remember Inquisitor Marco and the one in the Cold Fen (whose name escapes me).

    But then there are a bunch of PC on the Dead Scrolls that don't have occupations listed.

    1. Yes, he showed up a few sessions ago.

      I rarely update that roster.

      You can click on the names and see the sessions they died in if you're curious about professions. When I get a chance I'll fill them in, but the information is out there!

  2. For a split second I read your headline as the template doing the killing, turning Dungeon Fantasy into Traveller.

    1. Hah, but that does a question. it might not be the template that's a bit deadly, it might be the Player.

      Peter, I wonder if you could group the dead by Player? Say by clumping all the characters each person played together?

    2. That will take some time to compile, as it's beyond a simple count and instead list all the PCs by player and then count. Plus it'll skew to the longest and most frequent playing players.

    3. I mean, what we *really* need is a complete table that summarized all available data, including (1) How many times each template has been chosen; (2) How many sessions each character built using that template has been played for; (3) How many XP each of those characters has (4) How many times each template has died - and then breaks all of that down *again* by Player.

      So if you could get right on that, Peter, it would be appreciated :)

    4. I'll add that to my to do list.

    5. Awesome. This is why we pay you the big bucks :)


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