Sunday, November 11, 2018

Felltower Pre-Summary

We played Felltower today. The summary should be up tomorrow.

Here are some highlights:

- seven players today and eight PCs/NPCs

- the PCs delved down to the 4th level, as they call it.

- a short and nasty fight with a pudding

- a new gate (?) was discovered, one that looked nothing like the others and which had a number of unusual characteristics

- a natural staircase down to the next level was found

- a brutal fight with five Ravening Eyes

- several casualties, one messily final

- a showdown with the werewolves

- "one more room" nearly leads to disaster at the hands of iron men that breathe poison gas

It was a good session overall, if it had some very bad in-game stuff interlaced with the fun.


  1. Pudding! We love puddings, they are like THE DFRPG monster!

    1. I love slimes for pudding the hurt on PCs. I'm specifically making several slime-themed sublevels as an Oozing monster affix.

    2. I want to see Puddings with Class, puddings with class templates added

  2. I've always wondered....

    What is a 'natural staircase'? Is it like an actual staircase, but somehow formed naturally? Or is it just a slope?

    1. A natural formation of rock that resembles a staircase. I'm not sure it's a real term, I picked it up from D&D modules in all probability.

    2. I have no doubt to both points... but I've always kinda wondered what those module writers were on about... and i got to poke someone else and get them to think about it (and maybe get it stuck in other's heads now too).



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