Monday, November 25, 2019

Finally facing my Waterloo?

I stumbled across this at a Christmas boutique at Lambert Castle over the weekend:

It was all of $15 for the 1962 edition.

Two downsides to it:

- it was pretty battered. It's seen a lot of getting crunched around since 1962.

- it was tied closed and the staff informed me, unasked, that they can't open it as they're responsible for ensuring none of the contents are lost.

The second part made sense, of course, but the guy I asked couldn't tell me if it was complete or not, or know who would know.

So I passed on it. It would be fun to have a really old Avalon Hill game to play, and $15 would be a fine price for even a one-shot playthrough. But if it's missing pieces, or they're all messed up . . . eh. I didn't want it that badly.

It's still out there if you want it . . . and they run this holiday boutique until 12/1 .


  1. If you going to go someday with an old AH game I recommend Blitzkrieg.

    1. I don't know that I'll seek it out, but if I stumbled across it I'll give it a go!

  2. Here is the Boardgame geek link.

    For me it is the perfect distillation of the early run of AH Hex & Counter Wargames.


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