Thursday, November 14, 2019

New Magic Item: Bracers of Deflection

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 6: 40 Artifacts introduced Bracers of Force, which provide a DR sheath to the wearer.

An easy add are Bracers of Deflection to provide DB . . . from the front.

Bracers of Deflection
Power Item: 8 FP
Suggested Origins: Magical.

A pair of heavy metal bracelets carved with sigils and runes of defense around depictions of shields of many sizes and shapes. Worn as a pair - and only as a pair - they create a magical barrier a few inches in front of the caster.


• Magical Barrier: The Bracers’ magical barrier provides DB 2 to the front arc of the wearer. This adds 2 to any active defense taken by the wearer. It is not cumulative with any DB provided by the Shield spell or by Deflect enchantments on armor - and worn with such armor, neither will properly function, negating the effects of both enchantments. Such DB is not cumulative with any DB from an actual physical shield, either - wearing or holding one interferes with the ability of the bracers to generate their magical field.

• Mundane Armor: The bracelets themselves provide DR 6 to the arms, but only a roll of 1 on 1d due to their small size. They can worn over non-rigid armor comfortably, with no DX penalty.

Weight: 2 lbs.

Notes: Versions may exist from DB 1 to a show-stopping DB 6.

These bracers make a great way to get some DB on martial artists, wizards, thieves, and other lightly armored types. More heavily armored types can use them as well, of course, but only with non-rigid armor. They're helpful for shield-less fighters who need to rely on Dodge to escape missile attacks. These make an interesting choice at lower DBs, especially 1-3. They provide a reliable always-on bonus hands-free, but means your wizard or cleric can't jump in with a high DB Shield spell to amplify your defenses further. And of course, like the spell it basically provides, it doesn't help you from the flank or back.


  1. I would so love these as a scout

    1. It's a good item for almost anyone. It's quite powerful.

    2. Yeah, but 'I have a bow, so thus I do not have a shield or a melee weapon and thus my active defense is dodge' is very noticeable playing an archer.

  2. "More heavily armored types can use them as well, of course, but only with non-rigid armor."

    You mean of course "only non-rigid armor on their arms", yes? Or even more specifically their lower arms...

    1. Sure, non-rigid on the arms. And even the lower arms, if you, as the GM, are willing to let them do that and deal with people ordering 5/6th covering armor. It's your game, eh?


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