Saturday, November 16, 2019

More AD&D Rules changes for A1

Besides the simplified initiative system, elimination of Weapon Speed (and those weird moments of extra attacks),

Contrary to SPELL CASTING DURING MELEE (DMG p. 65), I'm going to allow DEX bonuses to AC to apply while spellcasting. While I get the logic - if you move around (like a GURPS Dodge) you're potentially losing your concentration. It's just going to be annoying to track AC when casting and AC when not casting - especially given that we've got an Illusionist (and thus a spellcaster with Dexterity bonuses to AC.)

However, I will allow the loss of DEX bonuses when using Charge (DMG p. 66) to close in and attack. If you don't want to lose out on your DEX bonus or get hit by longer weapons, just move in instead of attacking. Most people won't Charge anyway so no big deal.

Morale (DMG p. 67) isn't relevant . . . and in any case it's so much clunkier than Basic Set/Expert Set. Sigh. Works but no one uses it and Morale is pre-determined in the A-series.

We will be using Attacks With Two Weapons (DMG p. 70) if anyone wishes to try it. It's a -4 to the primary weapon and -2 to the secondary weapon unless Dexterity is 16+. In that case the modifiers change per the DMG.

Unarmed combat - if necessary - will use rules from Dragon magazine, reprinted in Best of Dragon Vol 4 - "Finish Fights Faster" by Roger E. Moore (BODM4, p. 42). We'll use Pummeling for all attacks, even kicks, for simplicity. If people grapple the system Doug and I wrote for The Manor #8 is simplier than Roger E. Moore's system so we'll use that.

Crossbows will use my crossbow house rule.

I'm still not in love with any of the systems for Missile Fire into Melee. It's last minute but I'm still looking. Otherwise we'll use the one from A3, which was okay last time we used it. But only okay.


  1. The house rule we use for Missile Fire Into Melee is to treat the errant missile as a hazard of the environment, against which melee participants need to make a saving throw (usually vs breath weapon, being a dodgeable missile).

    1. So you roll "to hit" with no penalty, and then Save vs. Breath Weapon for everyone in the melee who might get hit if the missile misses?

  2. Roll to hit but considering the target is possibly obscured by hard cover, depending on size etc. So, with melee of man vs orc, fair to say orc has 50% cover, so penalty to hit of -4. Melee of man vs ogre is more like 25% cover.

    The main thing though is that the friendly gets a saving throw, which the player of the PC gets to roll the clicky-clacky math rocks, and so generally is more accepting of damage (vs the DM ruling by fiat, or the attacker rolling whatever).

    The math that says a higher level PC in melee can avoid friendly fire .. that's just a bonus.

    1. That makes sense. I'll see if the group wants to try that next time!


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