Saturday, November 23, 2019

Jim Ward on Supervising Freelancers

Jim Ward - Drawmij - posted a nice article over on ENWorld:

TSR's "Designeritus"

It's short but interesting.

My favorite bit is this:

I did figure out a useful trick for the designers. I would have them give me all the material they had designed in a weeks time on Friday. They all wanted to make sure their amount of work looked good. I would take one of the turn overs and read it on the weekend and give that designer feedback on Monday. Deadlines became much easier to hit when the designers had to work hard every week.

In other words, don't just leave them loose, but force them to turn over material as they go to keep them producing - and producing enough and at a high enough quality. A series of deadlines vs. one deadline . . . that's how I train people, nevermind get people to keep turning in work. You don't want one big dump of perceived perfection, you want steady progress that you can keep tweaking.

Interesting stuff.

I had Greyhawk Adventures and sold it, though, without regrets. So maybe that 3 month turnaround cost something, somewhere.

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